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The sport of caving is well-established in the UK and natural cave passages in the limestone areas offer a host of opportunites for exploration. The longest cave system in the British Isles is over 50km long and there are thousands which are shorter and easily accessible to cavers with the skills and experience to explore them.

The main caving regions of the UK, the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, South Wales and Mendip, together offer a lifetime's worth of quality caving. Caves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can expect to come across huge walking passage, underground streams, low crawls, climbs, ducks - where the water meets the roof - and vertical sections known as pitches.

Safe progression through this challenging and varied environment needs a wide range of skills and good judgement. On our courses we teach the techniques needed to explore cave systems from novice to expert.

If you have a particular caving trip in mind private guiding can also be arranged. In Yorkshire the various long trips available in the Lancaster - Easegill system offer some superb caving. Kingsdale has a variety of excellent vertical trips including the through-trips of Swinsto and Simpsons.

Caving courses and guiding is provided by Jules Barrett and Phil Baker who both hold the Cave Instructor Certificate.


Price and duration: £160 (2 days)

This introductory course is an ideal starting point for those who haven't caved before. We will visit two of the classic caves of the Peak District, see some amazing rock architecture, calcite formations and other cave features. We look at assessing flood risk and also teach some of the skills needed................... more info


Price and duration: £190 (2 days)

Single Rope Technique is the modern, effective method of exploring deep, vertical caves such as Gaping Gill in Yorkshire and Titan in Derbyshire. Simply put, SRT is about abseiling to descend and prussiking up the rope to ascend. This course is designed for those who................. more info


The four classic caving regions of the UK have some tremendous trips which offer all sorts of different styles of caving. From the vertical potholes of the Yorkshire Dales to the stream caves of South Wales hire a caving instructor for a classic caving trip............. more info


The Local Cave Mine Leader Award (LCMLA) is an accreditation scheme for those leading groups in UK caves and abandoned mines. The LCMLA scheme is nationally administered by the British Caving Association. Level 1 is appropriate for leaders working in horizontal cave/mine systems and Level 2 for those who lead groups in caves and mines with vertical pitches............. more info