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For hillwalkers, confident navigation adds greatly to the satisfaction of a mountain day. If you are looking to explore the higher mountains of the UK or want to expand your experience into winter, alpine or rock climbing, an organised and practised system of navigation is essential. The Introduction to Navigation Day provides walkers and mountaineers with the basic skills of map and compass.  The Advanced and Night Navigation course focuses on fine-tuning your navigation toolkit and adds a new set of advanced skills. By the end of the day your navigation will be more efficient and reliable than ever.


This course looks at all the fundamentals of navigation and gives you plenty of time to practice, ask questions and really get to grips with map and compass. The pace is relaxed and the emphasis is on learning and consolidating the basic techniques before putting them into practice around the Derwent valley. On the course we cover: map types and scale, grid references, map symbols especially contour interpretation, orienting the map, measuring distance on the map and measuring distance on the ground using pacing and timing. At the end of the day's course you will have all of the basic skills that you need to walk the hills with confidence.