The Rock Climbing Instructor is the new Mountain Training qualification that replaces the Single Pitch Award from 1st April 2018.

The Rock Climbing Instructor Award is about supervising safe climbing and abseiling sessions on non-remote, single pitch crags and in climbing walls. The Rock Climbing Instructor Award has been designed to prove competence in the supervision of safe and effective climbing sessions.

The scheme is open to all climbers who are at least eighteen years of age and interested in introducing people to the sport of rock climbing.


  1. Gain personal climbing experience. This should amount to at least fifteen lead climbs on traditionally protected routes, fifteen lead climbs at climbing walls, five lead climbs bolt-protected sport climbing.
  2. Register for the Rock Climbing Instructor scheme with Mountain Training. In order to do this you will need to be a current member of a UK mountaineering council e.g. British Mountaineering Council (BMC). Note: if you have previously registered for the SPA scheme this registration will be valid for the RCI. Registering for the scheme will give you access to a digital logbook (DLOG) where you can record your rock climbing experience.
  3. Attend a Rock Climbing Instructor Training course.
  4. Consolidate experience between training and assessment courses.
  5. Attend a Rock Climbing Instructor Assessment course.


The Rock Climbing Instructor scheme covers the following main syllabus areas:

  • Technical competence (including equipment, anchors, belaying, abseiling, personal climbing skills, background knowledge of rock climbing)
  • The climbing environment (including access, conservation, etiquette)
  • Supervising climbing sessions (including organisation, group management, supervising the session, personal safety and working with children and vulnerable persons)

Further information about the Single Pitch Award and Rock Climbing Instructor schemes can be found here.


Price and duration: £220 (3 days)

The Rock Climbing Instructor Training course is a three-day course based in the Peak District which looks at all aspects of the Rock Climbing Instructor syllabus............ more info


Price and duration: £160 (2 days)

The two-day Rock Climbing Instructor Assessment course is based in the Peak District and assesses competence in all aspects of the Rock Climbing Instructor syllabus. Candidates must ensure that they have fulfilled all prerequisites of the course and are expected to provide their own personal climbing equipment.............. more info